About Us
Viking Show Lambs and Genetics is owned and operated by the Knudson family, Terry, Jane, Conner, and Hunter. The story behind the initiation of our company starts years ago, thanks to one tiny lamb by the name of Leslie.

Owner, Terry Knudson Recalls...
After a routine trip to Minnesota to visit my parents, I returned home with a 2-day old lamb that had a badly broken leg. That lamb, against all odds, survived, and came to be known as Leslie. She quickly outgrew her little box in the kitchen, so I moved her to a more spacious area in our detached garage where she would be more comfortable. After several months of feeding Leslie every day, it became obvious to me that feeding 10 lambs would be just as easy as feeding one. So in the fall of 1997, our family purchased 10 more ewe lambs!

After lambing our new ewes in that small detached garage we had previously set up for Leslie, it soon became clear that we had to make a decision in regards to the space available for our flock; either we sell the sheep, or we build them a barn. We knew we couldn’t let go of our ewes, so we bought some more land instead! The first land we purchased was a beautiful 7 acre tract that wasn’t even for sale at the time.

After some extensive research and persistence, the acquisition was finally completed. Soon after, a 40’ x 60’ pole barn was erected. Slowly but surely, a sheep operation had been born! The initial business model was based completely on show lambs and breeding stock, which continued for 3 years. It was in the year 2001 when the official establishment of our first company, Viking lamb LLC, took place, which happened to also coincide with the first direct sales of processed lamb to restaurants!

Many say that the best ideas are born out of necessity, and that certainly applies here. Because that very same year, the traditional lamb market was in a sharp correction, and only half of what it should have been. And that was the catalyst that propelled Viking Lamb LLC into the farm-to-table trend that has become so popular today!

So in the year 2012, we formed Viking Show Lambs and Genetics to help innovate the fast growing demand for commercially-shipped ram semen. Our Viking Show Lambs and Genetics ram barn houses 15 of the highest quality club lamb siring stud bucks in the country! Since constructing that first building for 11 sheep, Viking Lamb LLC and Viking Show Lambs and Genetics has added 7 more structures and pushed the breeding flock to over 700 females! And in 2015, these two companies completed the best year ever, shipping products to 35 states throughout the country!
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