Find First-Class Champion Stud Rams at Viking Show Lambs and Genetics!

Viking Show Lambs and Genetics retains a vast selection of unrivaled, titleholding stud rams, including reference sires, market rams, buck lambs, in service sires, and more!

Show Lambs and Lamb Genetics 812-871-5700

Show Lambs and Lamb Genetics 812-871-5700

Our stud rams are derived from real, industry-leading sires, including Rain man, Miller the Driller, and 803. They have also produced (and still produce) several winners at major shows and exhibits across the country, including the NAILE, San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, National Western Stock Show, Midwest Stud Ram Sale, Breeders Classic, and many more! As commercial and registered sheep breeders, you can trust that our herds are carefully selected and bred to ensure the highest quality performance and genetics.

Call owner, Terry Knudson, anytime at 812-871-5700 for information about acquiring top- quality, locally-bred sires and sheep sperm in Indiana. And remember, we also sell premium ram semen, fresh or frozen, and participate in an AI schedule, and coordinate bi-annual inseminations right here on our farm located in Morristown! Take a look below for a quick peek at some of our top-rated Viking Show Lambs and Genetics stud rams below!

Cool Banana

Dirty Banana x Trigger – Lot 6 from Brian Johnson’s Online Stud Ram Sale – Viking Show Lambs and Genetics and Corner View Club Lambs present Cool Banana in a joint venture! This Lot 6 from Brian Johnson’s Online Stud Ram Sale is owned by Corner View Club Lambs, but did reside at Viking Show Lambs and Genetics from July 1- August 8, 2015. This exciting development was a limited, one-time opportunity for last year’s breeding season! Sired by Dirty Banana, this impressive buck lamb offers our customers the ability to continue to add to the Viking Show Lambs and Genetics exploding winners list!


Scorpion x Bullet – Bred by Viking Lamb – This guy is big and square and has lots of bone and wool in his rack, giving him a great look from the side. His mother is Bullet, who is the daughter from Brian Johnson’s draft pick sale 2 years ago.

Super Cat

Mud cat x Super Duty RRNN– Super cat is sired by Mud cat, and his mother is Super Duty x (the very successful) spice girl ewe who was sired by Miller 376. This guy is moderate, big, and square in his rack, and extra wide in his pin set. He carries tremendous expression to his stifle and stands on excellent bone. Perhaps the best characteristics of Super cat are the super round rib he carries and the look he gives you from the side. Some of the best ewe lambs we are keeping are sired by Super cat, and we are excited to use his best son, Superstar, as well.


803 x Rainman x Miller the Driller QRNN Formally known as Eagle Rock 314, he is the lead stud buck for 2016. This exciting yearling is the latest addition to our flock.


Salute x Stetzin x Creole x Spice GirlQRNN – We only got 10 lambs out of Salute, all in May, and this one is pretty special. We think he is one of the most complete buck lambs we raised in 2015, and we are especially intrigued by the way he is bred. This guy combines bone, foot size, rack, hip, structure, and wool into one complete and pre-potent package! We are currently breeding a set to him for April 2016 lambs and look forward to their potential.


Bred by Ben and Bob Marcantel – We purchased Creole from Allen and Christy Johnson.Creole is sired by Marcantel 43, and out of a Scorcher daughter that came from Mike Stitzlein. We look forward to Creole siring lambs that are flat and wide in their hips and perfect in their rib shape. The Creole lambs are structurally correct with a great combination of muscle and balance, making them competitive at the highest levels. Creole daughters have also been very productive, producing some of the most competitive, highest-selling wethers over the last 3 years for Johnson Show Lambs. We anticipate Creole being the perfect complement to the exciting set of Super Duty and Horseshoe daughters we retained this year. We also look forward to his use, along with Super Duty and Horseshoe, on our flock of over 300 ewes. The wethers below are just a few of the many winners that are sired by Creole.


Moxi (Super duty Son) x Super duty Daughter RRNN Registered Hampshire – Salute is sired by Moxie, the Super Duty son that sired the very popular, Champion Suffolk at the 2013 NAILE. His mother is Selena, one of the very best Super Duty daughters. This guy might be as complete as anything we have in the barn. He is excellent in his structure, including big and square in his rack, perfect in his loin, and big and wide in his pin set. As you can see in this picture, he is as shaggy and wooly as you can make one, and with plenty of bone. He should breed as predictable as any.

And Plenty More!

Viking Show Lambs and Genetics 812-871-5700

Viking Show Lambs and Genetics 812-871-5700

Call Viking Show Lambs and Genetics at 812-871-5700 to procure quality sires, show lambs, and sheep semen in Indiana. Let us help you get ready for your next breeding season! Call 812-871-5700 to learn more about show lambs and lamb genetics in Indiana.

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