How to Make Your Show Lamb a Grand Champion

Show Lambs and Lamb Genetics 812-871-5700

Show Lambs and Lamb Genetics 812-871-5700

There are several sciences and technical aspects of breeding and raising sheep, making it a highly complex enterprise. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it! It takes a huge amount of education, experience, discipline, dedication, and financial investment to turn a show lamb into a Grand Champion lamb. If you are just starting out, you should review some basics, from choosing a lamb, procuring a lamb, lamb weight limits, exercising, and showing a lamb.

Where to Buy a Lamb

First, you’ll also need to think about which species of lamb interests you, and then choose the best possible specimen you can find of that species. To find a quality show lamb, you have a few options. You can start by researching reputable sheep breeders and choosing one that fits your needs. You can choose to purchase a lamb to raise into a show lamb, or you can really start from scratch and purchase a ram and ewe to breed lambs yourself.

You can also consult your local 4-H and FFA clubs for advice and referrals of dependable sheep breeders near you, or you can ask owners of previous Grand Champion winners where they procured their show lambs from. You can also find sure winners at post-show auctions. Usually after big shows, Grand Champion lambs will be auctioned off. If you have the money, this a guaranteed way to get a great show lamb.

Lamb Weights

If you want to show your lamb, you must keep in mind that all professional shows have mandatory weight limits. Even a mere five pounds over the weight limit will disqualify your lamb. This is where proper exercise, nutrition, and diet comes into play. The weight limits at these shows depends on several factors, mostly the particular species and body type of a lamb.


Exercise is important for your show lamb for purposes of maintain within a proper weight range, but more importantly, for muscle development. Proper musculature is one of the main categories show lambs are judged on at shows. Daily walks of one or two miles is a sufficient start, but do not over walk them in hot weather. Furthermore, you’ll have to train them to lead by halter-breaking, and perfect their stance for showing.

Show Day

On the day of showing, you will be shearing and cleaning your lamb to look its best. This entails towel or blow drying, combing, fluffing, and then covering them with a blanket to keep them clean while they wait in their stall. Anything else you can do to make your lamb look pristine, do it!

Buy Quality Show Lambs in Indiana

Viking Show Lambs and Genetics 812-871-5700

Viking Show Lambs and Genetics 812-871-5700

Call Viking Show Lambs and Genetics at 812-871-5700 if you are looking for show lambs for sale in Indiana. We retain a large flock of carefully selected and bred lambs, rams, and ewes that retain champion bloodlines. We also offer quality lamb semen and artificial inseminations. Let us help you get ready for your next breeding season! Call 812-871-5700 to learn more about show lambs and lamb genetics in Indiana.

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