Show Lamb Artificial Insemination in Indiana

Artificial insemination (AI) is the modern day gateway for sheep breeders to gain top-quality genetics using superior domestic and international sires. Depending on the breed and the quality of the ram, vials (or straws) will vary greatly in price, making lamb genetic gains a true possibility for all sheep producers.

If you are getting ready for your next breeding season here in Indiana, artificial insemination is a fantastic avenue for producing a strong flock. Since AI is a surgical procedure, it requires the knowledge and expertise of a licensed pet veterinarian who specializes in artificial insemination of livestock. Fortunately, there is already a tentative AI schedule for sheep breeders here in Indiana.

Continue below to review the artificial insemination calendar for this year, as well as, who to call for more information on procuring quality show lambs and progeny-tested ram semen in Indiana.

Show Lambs and Lamb Genetics 812-871-5700

Show Lambs and Lamb Genetics 812-871-5700

Show Lamb AI Schedule for 2017

Monday, July 10:

Viking Lamb, Morristown, IN

Friday, July 21:

Ryan Morris, Indiana

Thursday, August 3:

Viking Lamb, Morristown, IN

Saturday, August 5:

Springport FFA, Pat Henne

Friday, August 11:

Viking Lamb, Morristown, IN

Sunday, August 6:

Ray Hesler , Adams County Fairgrounds, West Union, Ohio

Monday, August 7:

Corner View Club Lambs, Wisconsin

*This schedule is tentative.

How to Procure Show Lambs and Lamb Genetics in Indiana

Viking Show Lambs and Genetics 812-871-5700

Viking Show Lambs and Genetics 812-871-5700

Call Viking Show Lambs and Genetics at 812-871-5700 to procure quality show lambs and lamb semen in Indiana. We retain a large flock of carefully selected and bred lambs, rams, and ewes that retain champion bloodlines. We also offer quality lamb semen and artificial inseminations. Let us help you get ready for your next breeding season! Call 812-871-5700 to learn more about show lambs and lamb genetics in Indiana.

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