Fresh Local Lamb Meat
Not only is Viking Show Lambs and Genetics a leading distributor for lamb genetics and show lambs in Indiana, we are also a first-class choice for fresh, grass and grain-fed lamb meats! As experienced sheep farmers, we know what it takes to produce the most flavorful lamb meat. That is why our flocks are free to graze on our 50+ acre tract of pasture and kept on a strict and systematic nutritional plan that includes a diet of pasture grass, organic grain feed, and spring water. We then finish them on a diet of corn to bring out the tastiest lamb flavor possible. By processing our lambs early on, we ensure that our product is tender and sweet, but also retains a true lamb taste. Our products are all USDA inspected and certified, state certified, and contains no added hormones, stimulants, or *antibiotics.
100% Hormone and Stimulant-Free!
Whether you are a restaurant owner who’s looking to introduce a farm-to-table menu, or a barbeque lover ready to smoke a good French rack, we have the cuts of lamb you are looking for, all at competitive prices! Choose from a wide inventory of lamb loins, patties, legs, racks, ribs, bellies, and more, all available in custom cuts or in bulk. We work with a sorts of buyers, from private parties and farmers’ markets, to retailers, wholesalers, and more. And we make the purchasing process easy by accepting custom orders, custom cuts, bulk orders, reoccurring billing, corporate accounts, and all forms of payment. We even ship our products locally and nationally for an additional fee! Call us at 812-871-5700 to learn more about our locally-born and processed lamb meats, today.

*Our lambs are only given antibiotics in emergency situations to prevent death. In the rare case that we do this, we wait 60 days for the medicine to pass. This ensures that all antibodies are removed from the lamb’s system.
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Our Cuts of Lamb Include
but are not limited to...
  • Whole Lambs
  • Half Lambs
  • Quartered Lambs
  • Ground Lamb
  • Minced Lamb
  • Lamb Patties
  • Lamb Brats (6 Flavors!)
  • Lamb Chops
  • Lamb Shoulders
  • Boneless Shoulders
  • Shoulder Steaks
  • Lamb Ribs
  • French Racks of Lamb
  • Leg of Lamb
  • Lamb Shanks
  • De-Boned/Bone-In
  • Leg Steaks
  • Lamb Bellies (Great for Bacon!)
  • Lamb Knuckles
  • Pulled Lamb
  • Summer Sausages
  • Fully-Cooked, Ready-to-Eat Snack Sticks
  • And More!

Lamb Meat 1 Lamb Meat 2 Lamb Meat 3

Lamb Meat 4 Lamb Meat 5 Lamb Meat Brats

Lamb Meat French Rack Lamb Meat Ground Lamb Lamb Meat Leg of Lamb

Lamb Meat Loin Chops Lamb Meat Patties Lamb Meat Shoulder Roast.